Photo Enhancement Pricing

Basic Enhancement

  • $2.50 per photo for up to 5 photos
  • $2.00 per photo for 6 to 10 photos
  • $1.50 per photo for more than 10 photos

Advanced Editing

  • $25 per hour (1 hour minimum)
  • Removing background objects, changing colors/logos on clothing, etc.

This service is for enhancing digital photos that you already own.  They can be sent by email to  Once the photos are edited, I'll send them back by email.  Get more information on our Photo Enhancement page by clicking here.

Photo Restoration and Repair Pricing

  • $25 per hour (1 hour minimum)
  • $10 shipping and handling fee

This service is for repairing and restoring your priceless photographs.  We will scan the photograph at a high resolution and professionally repair damage such as stains, tears and creases.  We will also perform color correction.  You will receive your original hard copy photo and the restored/repaired digital photo.  Arrangements can be made if you wish to scan the photo yourself and email it.  Click here to learn more about our photo restoration service.

Photograph, Slide, and Negative Scanning Pricing

  • $0.50 per photo, slide or negative
  • $20 handling fee for photo albums
  • $10 shipping and handling fee

Send your photos, negatives, and slides to us, and we'll digitize and perform basic color correction.  You will receive all of your originals back in the same manner in which they were shipped to us.  You can even send your entire photo album to us and we will carefully remove, scan, and replace each photograph.  Click here to learn more about this service.


VHS to Digital/DVD Conversion

  • $20 per VHS tape
  • $10 shipping and handling fee

Send your old home movies to us, and we'll convert it to digital/DVD and send it back to you, along with your original tapes.  Click here for more information on our VHS to Digital conversion service.